Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I owe you one

Oh, you think you're so smart.

But, okay, I have to admit it: you were right. The second version took half the time and is twice as good.

My thanks to all who, through comments and e-mail, provided sympathy, encouragement, and suggestions for ways to achieve some local coherence. Special thanks to my brother, Uncle Penguin, whose own story of spectacular technological loss gave me some much-needed perspective.

Now is when you get to say "I told you so."


Frogs' mom said...

Good for you! What type of class are you teaching?

kristina said...

And then after you teach the course, the 3rd version (version 3.0) will be even better!

Daisy said...

Ah -- what a relief. Now you can sleep peacefully (I hope!)

Anonymous said...

Glad v.2.0 is up and running.
As my high school art teacher used to say, "Second time: easier, faster, better."
I try to remember that when I'm forced to work on something again.

Anonymous said...

yay! so great!!

MothersVox said...

Great to hear the reconstruction wasn't as hard as the construction. Your writing class will be awesome if it's anything like your writing!