Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Up with the roosters

Bud hasn't been sleeping well lately. He's been falling asleep fairly quickly, thanks to our good friend Melatonin, but he's been waking early. He has rarely slept past 5:00 in the past several weeks. He's often been up at 4:00. He started one day at 2:30 a.m. - and so, of course, did I.

So you can imagine my frustration when yesterday I was awoken, not by a six-year-old climbing on my head, but by the ear-splitting crows of my neighbor's rooster assaulting me through the open bedroom window. I live in a rural area now, but I didn't grow up in the country. I grew up in a city, and my knowledge of roosters was limited to what I read in storybooks. I have since discovered that what I learned about roosters in storybooks is pure myth.

In storybooks, roosters always do the same thing: they crow a rousing "Cock-a-doodle-doo" when the sun comes up. And then they, and everybody else on the farm, quietly go about their daily business.

This is not so with real-life roosters. In real life, roosters crow an annoyingly loud "ERR-ERR-ERR-ERR-ERRRRRRR" at the first glimmer of dawn, long before the sun is actually over the horizon.

Then they continue to ERRRRRRR until the sun goes down again, which in the summer months is an extraordinarily long period of time.

Sometimes they take breaks.

Sometimes they don't.

Yesterday, the neighbor's rooster started to ERRRRRR around 5:00 a.m. I woke and was astounded to find that Bud was sleeping soundly next to me. With a heart full of gratitude, I rolled over for what I hoped would be another hour of sleep. I closed my eyes and





40 minutes.


At the end of 40 minutes, the rooster either collapsed from exhaustion or was shot by another disgruntled neighbor. Either way, it was finally quiet enough for me to go back to sleep.

And that's when I heard it. Not quite as loud. Nowhere near as annoying. But equally persistent, and this time at close range:

"When will Daddy be home?"


Kristina Chew said...

So maybe you were able to "sleep in" till......5.41am?

Can't say if roosters are worse or better than sirens (of the police sort)!

Tara said...

Bud seems to wake up just as Littleman does, with a question or a statement. Those wheels are turning from the moment their eyes open.
As for the rooster- Can't they put it in a quiet, DARK, corner of the barn?? You may be forced to take matters into your own hands and profess your ignorance in shooting it, as you were sure the season for wild turkeys had begun!!

gretchen said...

This is eye-opening! (Hee hee) There is a farm area at our zoo. Several times when we've been there, we've heard the rooster crow. And, being city folk, we get all excited- "did you hear that? It was the rooster!" I thought maybe this rooster was just confused, because he lives at the zoo, and that was why he crows all the time in the middle of the afternoon. Not so, I guess. So much for the peaceful life in the country.

Camille said...

Peacocks. worse. maybe.

Can you sleep with earplugs?

Julia said...

I can sympathize. When I was growing up, my bedroom window faced a chicken farm about half a mile off, with several roosters.

And the Daddy of this house is away this week, too. I hope Bud's daddy gets back before my kids' daddy does, for both y'all's sakes. :)