Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nutcracker, sweet

Bud has added a new skill to his ever-expanding repertoire: cracking walnuts.

He has developed his very own unique approach to the task. He goes to the top of our wooden stairs and balances a walnut somewhat precariously on the railing. Then he smashes the walnut with the soft mallet from his tom drum. The force of this action sends the walnut bouncing down the stairs, where it slips through a space between the steps and crashes onto the tile floor, breaking open and sending up a spray of shell and nut fragments. Once the pieces have settled Bud scrambles down the stairs to gather his bounty and share it with anyone who is willing to partake.

My little nutcracker. Isn't he sweet?


Anonymous said...

LOL, I remember running amuck with a nutcracker and a decorative bowl of mixed nuts that was part of the centerpiece of my aunt's dinner table when I was about Bud's age. Nut shell bits ended up all over the house. It was quite a while before I was invited to visit again!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, how clever! Impaction plus gravity, and fewer sharp pieces actually happening near one's face. Plus, watching things fall and shatter, for bonus-points.

Metal nutcrackers (the simple hinged sort) also make great impromtu castanets ~grin~.

They still pale before the mighty fascination of ...

The Manual Eggbeater!

(one of these things: http://shop.bakerscatalogue.com/items/Eggbeater.html


kristina said...

Will sugared plums (Bud-style) be next?

Anonymous said...

as Wallace once said, "Now THAT'S clever!" I never woulda thunk of crackin' wally-nuts that way. That is a great story!