Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Je ne sais pas

I've joked about it a lot before... but maybe Bud really is French!

He was reading a book to me today, and each page started with the word "we": "We can run," said the children.; "We can jump," said the children.; "We can crawl," said the children.

A short time later we moved on to a counting game, and he was counting each item of food on a series of card strips: "One, two, three - three grapes!"

I pulled out a card strip and he pointed to the first item and said "We -"

"We?" I asked, laughing.

Bud stopped, and I could see a flash a recognition in his eyes as he realized what he'd done. Then he smiled slyly, pointed to the first food and said "Oui! Bon jour!"

Then he counted the strip in Spanish.


Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

Watch out Dora, here comes Bud! I am truly amazed :o)


Anonymous said...

I used to tell people my boys knew French, because when they identified nouns it would sound like this: c'est cat, c'est dog, c'est apple, etc. This was before the ASD diagnosis. Silly me. They were actually saying 'say cat', 'say dog', 'say apple'. But it's funny how my first instinct was to interpret their atypical language development as French!!