Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ingenuity counts

This summer, we're working on one-to-one correspondence, trying to bring meaning to the concept of numbers instead of simply counting rapidly by rote memory. That means we're spending the summer pointing and counting, placing and counting, sorting and counting, throwing and counting, lifting and counting.

How many rocks in your rock collection, Bud? Let's count them!

How many socks do we have to put away? Let's count them!

How many stones can we throw in the stream? Let's count them!

Today we were shopping and as we passed by the candy aisle Bud picked up a bag of jellybeans in one hand and a package of Twizzlers in the other.

"I have red candy and jellybeans, Mom?" he asked.

"Let's choose one, Bud: red candy or jellybeans," I replied.

"Red candy for eating, Mom," he said. "Jellybeans for counting."

How could I argue with that?


kristina said...

How many licks does it take to get to the middle of........ What does the Count not count....?

Anonymous said...

okay, that's it. bud is a GENIUS!!

neil said...

I pick up our daughter from school on Fridays. Its only recently that she has accepted this, maybe it's because I pick up her friend as well. The problem before was I didn't have a big red car and I wasn't mum. Sheesh. Kinda like mum is for picking me up and dad is for playing with.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Can't mess with that logic!

Christine said...

SO, with an answer like that did he get both of them? One for eating and one for counting?

We're working on counting, too. Oliver surprised us while on vacation by looking at a clock and counting off all the numbers. Since then it is everything numbers!

Anonymous said...

That's our boy...thanks for the smile...that's one big smile - 12 more to