Thursday, June 15, 2006

Three reasons to celebrate

Sunday, June 18 is a big day for our family.

June 18 is Father's Day, a day when Bud and I will celebrate DAD-NOS's daddyhood by preparing breakfast in bed for him. Bud saw Moose A. Moose do this on Noggin and has been practicing ever since by bringing Daddy plastic food on a tray. He can't wait to do the real thing.

June 18 is also Paul McCartney's birthday, and as such it has been a recognized holiday in my world for the better part of 30 years. This year is especially momentous, of course, because it's not just any old birthday for Paul; it's his 64th birthday, which makes it a Major Event in the life of a McCartney fan. And, as the Big Six-Four is falling during a tough time for our Paul, it seems especially appropriate to celebrate him grandly and send lots of happiness out into the universe in his honor.

And, finally, June 18 is Autistic Pride Day, which the sponsoring website describes as a "day for positive events relating to autism spectrum conditions, for people on the spectrum and their families and friends...Events such as walks, parades, picnics and parties are expected, for people to have fun and relax and know that people with autism are valid members of the community." Despite the fact that every day is Autistic Pride Day in our home, we will happily join others in the autism community on Sunday and celebrate our little boy, who is always proud of himself and who makes us so proud, too.

I wonder if there's a way to tie the three celebrations together. Maybe Bud and I can wave his flag as we march up the stairs with Daddy's breakfast tray, singing "Will you still need me, will you still feed me?"

Or should that be "volonté vous néanmoins m'alimentez"?


kristina said...

Yes and mais, oui!

If I may pun rather weakly, it seems to me it is StrawBuddy Fields Forever in your house.

Happy Birthday!

Frogs' mom said...

Now at our house, with de, da and la featuring so promintently in Aaron's articulations it would have to be "ob-la-de, ob-la-da" - - Life goes on :0)

Hope you have a great day all the way around!

Octobermom said...

OOoooohhh! Now I have Mosse A. Moose's song in my head...

Happy all-those-days!


gretchen said...

Does Moose A make bacon for breakfast? Because Henry has been insisting on making bacon for Father's Day...

Alliandre said...

Hi, nice celebrations you had yesterday :-)
In Italy I know ANGSA (the Italian association of Autism parents) celebrates on June, 2nd.

By the way, you translated the French with an automatic translator, didn't you?
I'm Italian, and I only translate FROM French into Italian, but I could tell the difference ^_^ In French (oh well, in my bad French anyway) it would be "Voulez-vous me nourrir quand-même?"
Oh, well, vive la différence anyway ;-)
(And yes, I'm sorry, sometimes I look like a nasty teacher - and I had to look on the vocabulary, anyway ^_^)

MOM-NOS said...

Ippe, you're absolutely right! Pretty much the only thing I actually know how to say in French is "croissant." :-)

Alliandre said...

Oh well, that's a pretty TASTY and really nice thing to start with ;-)
Ah, French croissants... I don't know, maybe it's the AIR they have in France, but in Italy, or everywhere else, croissants aren't as much good...
(er, the translator in my mind is wondering if I said that correctly... no job like translating makes you doubt of the very things you say!!! ^_^)