Thursday, June 22, 2006


So, I don't normally do these things, but since I've been tagged by Kristin, I'll do my best...

5 things in my refrigerator:
- a dozen farm fresh eggs laid yesterday by my friend's chickens (no kidding)
- water in squeezy bottles to entice Bud to drink water instead of juice or milk
- nectarines (all hail the arrival of summer fruit!)
- Lactaid 1% lowfat milk (for use in coffee or on Special K Fruit and Yogurt cereal)
- roasted red pepper hommus (which is particularly tasty when eaten on these)

5 things in my closet:
- lots of clothes that need to be ironed and make me sigh and say "I have nothing to wear"
- 3 pairs of Birkenstocks
- Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars, low-top, unbleached white
- academic regalia, fresh from the dry cleaner
- assorted skeletons

5 things in my purse:
- iPod shuffle
- Paul McCartney key chain (yes, I really *am* that dorky, thank you)
- spearmint Ice Breakers Ice Cubes instantly cold gum (false advertising, incidentally)
- this list of books
- Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick, Creamy Nude

5 things in my car:
- XM Sky-Fi2 satellite radio
- less than a quarter of a tank of gas
- a kite
- a goop-covered, crumb-filled car seat
- iPod cassette adaptor

5 friends I'm tagging:
Many friends have already been tagged and some are sans internet connection, so I will say "you're it" to
- Gretchen
- Big Orange (if you don't have a purse, you can substitute backpack, briefcase, or junk drawer; if you do have a purse, I celebrate your diversity)
- Square Girl
- Anyone else who would like to participate, by posting either in your own blog or in my comments section, and
- Bud (stay tuned...)


Anonymous said...

so many lovely things jumped out at me, including "fresh laid eggs", "creamy nude", "squeezy bottles", and "assorted skeletons."

love it!

MOM-NOS said...

Yes - just imagine the Google hits I'm going to start getting!

Stacy said...

I'll play! :)

I'll post it on my blog

Anonymous said...

Inside the head of a kindergarten teacher:

5 things in my fridge:
- lean cuiseines to be eaten in 5 minutes or less
- makings for dinner , ready to go
- wasabi and ginger for sushi take out
- anything my last two picky eaters will eat
- very cold chardonnay

5 things in my closet:
- Imelda Marcos' shoe collection
- the three pairs I actually wear
- anything that can go from standing up to rolling on the ground
- Mr. H's stuff - we share of course
- hidden xmas presents - shhhh

5 things in my purse:

- local coffee shop charge card
- no cash
- one crayon
- advil
- assorted lip stuff

5 things in my car:
- lists
- more advil
- Pink Martini cd's
- any magazine while I wait for kids
- extra sets of all the keys I own, and lose, on a daily basis
Sometimes it's nice to take a simple inventory of your daily living - c'est vrai? Might use a variation of this in the beginning of the school year for incoming families...I tag Mrs. P. :) mh

kristina said...

Frantically typing at Starbuck's here----

5 things in my (father-in-law's) fridge (guess which is for Charlie and which not....)-----
- Capri Suns
- leftover sweet and sour chicken
- frozen steak
- 3 kinds of HaƤgen Das
- frozen French fries

5 things in my closet:
- my wedding dress
- Jim's suits (unmatched)
- a muumuu my mother-in-law wore, well, a while ago
- Doc Martens
- tangled mass of ties

5 things in my purse:
-a book on Sophocles
-old photo of Charlie
-appointment book (NOT a Palm Pilot)
-Charlie's medication
-a headband

5 things in my car:
- several take-out menus
- a pillow
- a very small fold-up umbrella
- Jimi Hendrix CDs
-2 ice scrapers

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

You're awesome :o)
And ...You really do love Paul McCartney!

Can't wait to hear from Bud

Minka said...

My first time here :)
Came via Sqauregirl and am gonna do this tag ...eventually :)
Just thought I´d swing by and say hi!

The Jedi Family of Blogs said...

I could not resist (I've never been tagged before... :)

5 things in my fridge:
-Japanese pickles
-whole wheat tortillas
-leftover sticky rice
-home-made herbal oils (comfrey, calendula, St.
John's wort)
-cherry tree seeds in soil

5 things in my closet:
-wrap-around skirt I wore in the 80's
-"bunny suit" I wore when B had his tonsils out
-cedar shoes racks that have lost their yummy scent
-keepsake boxes (stuff from high school, etc)
-my Jedi robes :)

5 things in my purse:
-origami paper
-gum for B
-emergency meds (inhaler, epipen)
-non-emergency meds (kids' tylenol, etc)
-travel safety crystals (onyx, turquoise, moonstone)

5 things in my car:
-celtic music cds
-kleenex in the back seat for B
-spare mittens & hat
-road atlas for NY State

That was fun!

Anonymous said...

So I really do have Kristin to blame for all the tagging. I loved it! Thanks for playing a long and I LOVED Bud's answers.