Friday, June 23, 2006

Bud's it

I tagged Bud in my last post, and have recorded his responses below. We sat down together and I wrote out 1 - 5 clearly for each question so that Bud would have a visual cue to give him some structure but, as you may know, Bud's a bit of a free spirit and outside-the-box type thinker. So here's what we've got. (Please note that I did not edit for accuracy, and we do not actually have jellybeans and donuts in our refrigerator.)

5 things in the refrigerator (he came back to this category each time he finished with one of the others):
1. food
2. orange
3. apples
4. strawberries
5. jellybeans
6. meatballs
7. noodles
8. donuts
9. pancakes
10. peanut butter crackers
11. goldfish
12. blueberries

5 things in the closet:
1. shirt
2. pants
3. undies

5 things in your bag ("could be your suitcase, or your backpack, or any bag"):
1. toys
2. toothbrush
3. a blue ball

5 things in the car (I think I actually asked "What goes in the car?"):
1. Dad
2. the kaleidoscope
3. "stop and go goes in the car"
4. party hat

Bud and I "tag" and invite all of our young friends on and off the spectrum, and their parents, to answer with or without words, in whole or in part - Isaac and India, Charlie, Henry and Thomas, Roo and BrotherRoo, Sol and Panda, Oliver and Sam, Sweet M, Gabe and Boo, Fluffy, Pete and Luca, Duncan, Matthew and Joseph, Liam, B, SmallBoy, e, Alexander, Aiden, CTM&R, Ti'anna and Ethan, Derek, Sam & Zach, Adam, Henry, Reed, Littleman... and all other friends old and new that I have forgotten to include!


Mamaroo said...

I love it! I already just asked Brother-roo and wrote down his response...will have to post later though and will try to figure out a way for Roo to participate.

The Jedi Family of Blogs said...

Here's B's list (thanks for the tag- this was fun to do! & I resisted the temptation to annotate, so these are B's own words...):

5 things in the fridge:
* soy sauce
* rice
* milk (lactaid 1%)
* cranberry juice
* sushi rice

5 things in the car:
* steering wheel
* kleenex box
* trash can
* wires (electrical)
* seats

5 things in the closet:
* clothes
* a k'nex set piece (the big part of the arcade set)
* clothes hangers
* shoe boxes
* shoes

5 things in B's carry-bag:
* gum
* Plussel & Minun (Pokemon stuffies)
* wipes
* Genki (naked mole rat stuffie)
* Pokemon activity books

Anonymous said...

oh! how fun! i love that you did this with bud!!! okay, i'll try it at bedtime with fluffy and come back here to post answers!

Mamaroo said...

Okay this is what I got...

5 things in the fridge
1.) "umm, food"
2.) "and we also have apples"
"and we also have, umm, I forget"
3.) chocolate milk
4.) string cheese
5.) pears

5 things in the closet
1.) toys
2.) take along treasure chest
3.) "the musical instrument that you tap, doot doot doot, that is those tubes" (Boom wackers)
4.) Yankee jacket
"Hmm, do we have any balloons?"
"I'll be right back" (goes to look in the closet)
5.) "We also have a gate"

5 things in backpack
1.)bathing suit
2.) DVD player
3.) Transformers
"That's it"

5 things in the car
1.) steering wheel
2.) floor
3.) seat belt
4.) the middle seat
5.) ceiling

5 Things in the fridge

me: "Roo, come here". "Open the refridgerator".
Pointing, "What's this?"

Roo: "Milk"

me: Opening one of the drawers, "What's this?"

Roo: "apple", pushing it away and taking out the milk carton and handing it to me saying, "milk".

me: "You want milk, okay". "First tell me more, What's this?".

Roo: "juice", pushing it away frustrated saying "milk" again.

me: "I know, Mommy will give you milk, first tell me a few more." Opening another drawer, "What's this?".

Roo:Looks curiously at the carrots I have in my hand, but doesn't answer my question.

me: I ask again with a verbal prompt this time, "What's this?" "carrots"

Roo: "cawot"

me: I begin to put the carrots back in the drawer, but Roo takes them from my hand.

Roo: "want cawot"

Game over! Snack time for Roo.

Anonymous said...

well, i went ahead and did this at bedtime although as soon as we started i began to worry since fluffy is so often under the big fat thumb of perfectionism and wanted very much to get everything RIGHT. he nearly panicked at the things in the bag question since he doens't have a pack or a bag or an anything and doens't have the slightest notion of my purse, but he found a way out and ended up feeling mighty proud of his participation from start to finish!

5 things in the fridge:
* cheese
* butter
* peanut butter
* lemonade
* blueberries

5 things in the closet:
* clothes
* umbrella
* raincoat
(silence. worry. more silence)"um, the attic is sort of in the closet (true! you have to go through the front closet to get to the attic stairs) so i'll name some things from there:
* christmas decorations
* winter clothes (HUGE SMILE!)

5 things in the car
* my car seat
* your seat
* the engine ("that's my favorite part of the car!!"
* air conditioner
* water

5 things in mommy's bag
(silence. worry. more silence) "okay, mommy, i'm only going to name one thing since this is such a hard question."


Anonymous said...

ooooh, that's rich! I especially love "dad" as being in the car!! Hee!

Just waiting for the day when Sol gets verbal enuff for such goings on!! Thanx for sharing!

MothersVox said...

"Who tagged me?"

"Bud and his mum."

"Who is this kid Bud?"

"He's a kid who makes great art, like you," I said, pointing at Bud-art-online.

And so M comes back with a list of stuff in the fridge:

* grapes
* Danimals
* milk
* water
* apples

But the truth is that we don't have grapes or apples, but we do have strawberries and chili and red pepper.

As for stuff in my bag, I'll chime in, as it's too hard for her . . .

* "Evidence" letter-size legal pad, with three-holes drilled, and double-back for support
* empty Poland Spring water sports bottle to refill at home
* Kleenex
* plastic bag full of raw pecans for those low-blood-sugar moments
* Pilot razor-point pen, black
* string of beads bracelet made by Sweet M
* Metrocard

No car, so no stuff in car.

MOM-NOS said...

I'm closing comments on this post because it has started getting daily spam. Sorry! :-)