Saturday, June 10, 2006

And humble too

Nana bought Bud a net on a long pole. She explained that this summer they will take it to the beach. They'll fill a bucket with water and use the net to catch a fish to put in the bucket. Bud said he thought that was a great idea, then he put the net over his head.

"Look!" I said. "We caught a gorgeous fish!"

"No, it's not a gorgeous fish," Bud replied. "It's a gorgeous BOY!"

True, Bud. Very true.

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Gwuinifer said...

Ethan has been reading more, and his favorite activity is spelling. He says, "Mommy, spell (insert random word or phrase here)!" I spell, and then bounce one back to him, and he spells. He also likes to sit and watch over my shoulder while I'm at the computer.

Yesterday, when spelling with Grandpa, Ethan asked Grandpa to spell "Mommy."

(I haven't heard him do this one yet- he usually prefers "M-O-M: mom!" So I was listening closely.)

Grandpa said, "M-O-M-M-Y, mommy!" and Ethan made a buzzing sound and said, "Uh-oh, not that one- Game over, try again?" (Of course, since this is a run-on script, I had to translate for Grandpa, who started laughing)

When Grandpa didn't respond in Ethan's timeframe, Ethan said, quite unmistakably, "Spell, mommy! M-O-M-N-O-S, mommy!"

I almost died.