Monday, May 08, 2006


I used to have an iPod shuffle.

I really liked it, and I used it all the time. Recently, though, I've been using it to help Bud cope with out-of-the-ordinary circumstances that have a high potential to be dysregulating. I load it up with Bud's music, swap out the earbud headphones for some that are a bit more user-friendly, and he's good to go.

Saturday morning he came to the hairdresser with me, and despite the noise of blowdryers, the chemical smell of hair color, and the endless parade of strangers in and out of the shop, Bud did great - he sat in the waiting area listening to music and munching on grapes, until the music moved him so much he had to get up and dance. Since then, he has hardly taken the headphones off. Last night I had to draw the line at sleeping with them on; but first thing in the morning he bounded out of bed in search of his music.

"Where is my iPod?" he asked.

"Whose iPod is it, Bud?" I asked.

"Bud's," he answered.

He's right, of course.

Ah, well; it was fun while it lasted.


kristina said...

Mother's Day is coming up....... a momPod present?

Anonymous said...

ever have those moments, as you're giving your child something, where a little vox pipes up in the background and says, "are you sure you know what you're doing??" I usually ignore it.

I'm with Kristina on this one! Ya' got 6 more days!!

Anonymous said...

maybe annuder day he will share...just like "we will share" our writing at "my" computer tomorrow...(aka - annuder day - the favorite choice day of the week)

Anonymous said...

I've turned over a lot of things to the kids, but I've managed to hold on to my iPod for 7 months. However, I've pretty much given up of ever calling the computer in the study "mine" again.