Sunday, May 28, 2006

Worth the headache

There are moments when it clicks for me. I've been working on using an "RDI lifestyle" since I attended a workshop last summer, and on an intuitive level I know that it has been helping Bud in significant ways. I know that he's developing important interpersonal skills - reading the context, paying attention to nonverbals, referencing for information, developing flexible thinking - but it's often difficult for me to describe how I know that it's happening. And then there are those little you'll-miss-them-if-you-blink moments when it clicks:

Bud was in the living room watching tv and I was in the kitchen rummaging in the refrigerator. I stood up too quickly, banged my head hard on the corner of the freezer door, and yowled a loud "OW!"

Bud followed the sound into the kitchen and approached me, asking "What did you did, Mama?"

"I bumped my head," I said, still standing in front of the fridge rubbing my noggin.

"On the -?" he asked, looking at me quizzically, running his hand over the smooth refrigerator door.

"On the corner of the freezer," I said, pointing to it. "I stood up too fast and I hit my head on it."

"Let me see it," he said, reaching for my head.

I bent down and pointed to the spot that hurt. "Right there."

Bud rubbed my head, then puckered up and gave the sore spot a big loud kiss: "Mmmm- WAH! There. That's better." He looked at me, his face asking did it work?

"Thanks, Bud," I said with a smile and a hug. "I do feel better!"

And I really did.


Anonymous said...

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kristina said...

Kind of like that apple falling on Newton's head....

Mum is Thinking said...

Hm. Do you suppose anonymous is offering you shea butter because it's good for bumps on the head?


I love your story--it's nice hearing the little (big) everyday stuff about our children.

Anonymous said...

that's sweet. That's really nice, when ANY of our kids do things that make us feel better. I love the image of Bud examining the fridge wondering how you wacked your noggin on it.

MEANWHILE, my wife and youngest were out of town for 4 days and when Solenbum fell down and hurt himself, he came to ME for comfort.

"ha." I said, gently. And, yes, a kiss made it better

not my blg said...

Alexander insists on kissing all his "booboos" no matter how slight they are. I insist on complying with his request.

Anonymous said...

i love it!! yay, bud!! fluffy's doing the same thing. every time he hears me say ow, he says, aw, mommy, i feel sad that you got hurt and he comes over to give me a hug or to kiss my boo boo. could you just fall down and die from it???