Monday, May 22, 2006

Fly your colors... and your whites

Last week an episode of Teletubbies featured Po carrying a flag all around Teletubbyland. The segment really captivated Bud, who spent the last several days marching around the house, proudly holding a flag aloft. Of course, we don't actually have a flag in the house, so he had to design one - a real original, ingenious in its simplicity. Should you care to make one at home, you will need:
1 Boomwhacker (orange, in the key of D)
1 pair Hanes boys briefs (white, size 10)

Your finished product should look something like this:

As with many of Bud's creations, there have been variations on the theme. Yesterday, Bud swapped out the undies for a pillowcase (which, I have to admit, was a relief to me since only moments before he'd announced that he was taking his flag to Sunday School.) This morning's innovation involved sliding one leg of a pair of pants onto the Boomwhacker, leaving the other pant leg flying unfurled at the top.

Who says kids with autism are resistant to change?


Anonymous said...

nope, that's not resistance to change, that's artistic improvement! That's upgraded creative expression! That's one of the funniest stories I've read today and was the perfect tonic to the bad mood I was getting into!! Thanx for sharing!

kristina said...

Funny but Charlie favors the orange boomwhacker too. Great minds thinks alike.....

Mamaroo said...

Our Boom Wackers have bite marks in them from Roo. I love Bud's flag. Very funny!

gretchen said...

Bud is so imaginative- I love the creative ways he adapts his favorite stories to his own life.

If that were Henry, for example, I think he would harass me day and night to find him a flag like Po's, rather than creating his own.

Awesome, Bud!

Wendy said...

I have three words for you:

Hide your panties.

Julia said...

That is delightful. It's so much fun to read about Bud!