Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mr. Personality

Yesterday my mom was watching a recent Oprah show on TiVo. In the intro to the story, Oprah said that it is widely believed that personality is formed by the time a person is six years old.


"I wonder if that's true for children who have developmental delays," I said, thinking about our resident six-year-old.

My mom and I were quiet for a minute as we each considered the implications of the question.

"I hope so," she said.

"Me too."


Estee Klar said...


Big Orange said...

Six? Huh... I'd say it's closer to THREE or maybe even TWO.

but what do *I* know??

Camille said...

Good mom. Good grandma. :-)

ballastexistenz said...

My records state that I was "probably too developmentally delayed to have developed a cohesive personality structure" or something like that.

I'll let everyone here be the judge of that one. ;-)

Kristina Chew said...

Peronsally, I got my first signs of Charlie's spunk and spirit when he was in utero.

Brett said...

I have to say that I think the personality is absolutely developed by then, it just takes a bit longer for it to come out (and for us to fully understand and appreciate it!)


Kristen said...

Funny you mention Oprah....I just sent them an e-mail last night with a suggestion for a future show -- Autism. I bet they could do at least 3 shows on it.

Anonymous said...

me 3...MH

Wendy said...

Big Orange - How I hope you're wrong! I have two 2-yr olds who are going through the Terrible Two's. I hope these aren't the personalities they're stuck with! :)

Kristen - You should have saved your typing for someone else. Oprah refuses to do a show on autism. I belong to an online autism support group and at least 20 people have written in (including me) asking for at least an "autism awareness" show...not a show on the evils of vaccinations, or this therapy over that therapy. None of us has ever received any kind of response from her.

Big Orange said...

Wendy: well, I meant the personality they have when they're NOT being lil' hellions and destroying the place!! The general fussiness that my daughter had at 2 she still has a lot of at 12, and her love for the spoken word and stories and adult conversation hasn't faded at all.

re: Phantom of the Oprah: that's a darned shame. I wonder if her PR folk have a good REASON for not wanting to do an autism show??