Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mr. Personality

Yesterday my mom was watching a recent Oprah show on TiVo. In the intro to the story, Oprah said that it is widely believed that personality is formed by the time a person is six years old.


"I wonder if that's true for children who have developmental delays," I said, thinking about our resident six-year-old.

My mom and I were quiet for a minute as we each considered the implications of the question.

"I hope so," she said.

"Me too."


Estee Klar-Wolfond said...


Anonymous said...

Six? Huh... I'd say it's closer to THREE or maybe even TWO.

but what do *I* know??

Anonymous said...

Good mom. Good grandma. :-)

ballastexistenz said...

My records state that I was "probably too developmentally delayed to have developed a cohesive personality structure" or something like that.

I'll let everyone here be the judge of that one. ;-)

kristina said...

Peronsally, I got my first signs of Charlie's spunk and spirit when he was in utero.

Brett said...

I have to say that I think the personality is absolutely developed by then, it just takes a bit longer for it to come out (and for us to fully understand and appreciate it!)


Anonymous said...

Funny you mention Oprah....I just sent them an e-mail last night with a suggestion for a future show -- Autism. I bet they could do at least 3 shows on it.

Anonymous said...

me 3...MH

Wendy said...

Big Orange - How I hope you're wrong! I have two 2-yr olds who are going through the Terrible Two's. I hope these aren't the personalities they're stuck with! :)

Kristen - You should have saved your typing for someone else. Oprah refuses to do a show on autism. I belong to an online autism support group and at least 20 people have written in (including me) asking for at least an "autism awareness" show...not a show on the evils of vaccinations, or this therapy over that therapy. None of us has ever received any kind of response from her.

Anonymous said...

Wendy: well, I meant the personality they have when they're NOT being lil' hellions and destroying the place!! The general fussiness that my daughter had at 2 she still has a lot of at 12, and her love for the spoken word and stories and adult conversation hasn't faded at all.

re: Phantom of the Oprah: that's a darned shame. I wonder if her PR folk have a good REASON for not wanting to do an autism show??