Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Good question

Bud is home sick for yet another day. He slept late this morning and had just climbed on to the couch, his eyes still puffy from sleep and sickness, when I rushed in to say goodbye to him and head to work.

He rubbed my arms and put his head on my chest and said, "Mom, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure you can, Bud," I said. "What's your question?"

He was quiet for a few moments as he leaned his head against me and thought about what to say next.

Then he looked up at me with his sweet sick eyes and weak smile and said "You're my best friend."

Now THAT is my kind of question.


Anonymous said...

Ah bless!
I really hope he feels well again soon.

gretchen said...

GASP! He is too much. I love Bud. Hope he gets better soon.

Sometimes Henry says that we are best friends. It's a line he picked up from The Fox and The Hound, but I don't care. It's still true.

Anonymous said...

so so dear!!! that is my kind of question, too! i hope he is ALL better soon.

Mamaroo said...

I love this question! Brother-roo has asked me this same question before and I hope that if Roo could (when Roo can), he will ask me too.

Alana said...

Some people always just seem to know just what to ask!

kristina said...

A question with the answer all rolled into one!