Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Flu-id movement

The illness in our house is pervasive. It turns out that my husband has honest-to-goodness, diagnosable, Tamiflu-worthy flu. I have a nasty, but ordinary, head cold. Bud has something in between.

His fever is down, but today he was literally weak in the knees. He tried to get out of bed, and as he wobbled out of his room, shuffling and hunched over like a very old man, he announced "My knees are in trouble!"

I helped him over to the couch and, thinking that perhaps he was weak with hunger, got him to eat a little something before he stood up again. When he did, though, he was back to wobbling like a baby giraffe.

"What's happening my knees?" he asked.

I called the doctor, who told me to give him more Tylenol. Sure enough, within a half hour he was walking normally again. Nonetheless, he spent another uncharacteristically lethargic day on the couch. Unless we see a remarkable turn-around overnight, I'm afraid Bud will be home from school again tomorrow.

What's happening my Bud?


Mamaroo said...

I have a cold also. Not fun, is it? Does Bud have any swelling around his knees. When Brother-roo had experienced a reaction to a virus with pain in his joints, the doctor recommended Motrin because it is an anti-inflammatory.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Kristina Chew said...

When Charlie is sick he often looks at us with a scared and wild twist to his face. I think he is trying to express something along the line of what Bud says about his knees being "in trouble."

Hope you can get some rest too!

Mary Beth said...

Hi I am sorry to hear about Bud. I follow your blog and felt compelled to write in when I heard Bud was sick. My son Kevin had the flu in January. He cultured positive for flu but I refused the tamiflu as he was not vomitting and able to eat and drink. However he had a HIGH fever and I took him to the Doctor twice to make sure he had also not picked up strep throat. He was very weak and tired and couch bound like Bud for about 6 days. He missed a whole week of school and I had NEVER seen him so weak. He had that sick look in his eyes. His Dad told him to "stay home to get better" and Kevin promptly responded, "no Daddy I am staying home to be SICK!!" He recovered just fine except the other day he said to me "Mom I think I am sick and need to stay home and lay on the couch and watch TV ALL day "cause that's what you do when you are sick right?" I said "Yeah right after you go to the doctor and get an owie"(a shot) Kevin looked at me and said "I think I am better and I want to go to school!"
I know Bud will feel better soon but you might as well keep him home the rest of the week so he doesn't pick up anything else in his weakened condition.
Good Luck and feel better BUD!!

Anonymous said...

It's very quiet in kindergarten, and that's not right. This viral entity has entered our classroom, and has taken three boys and two teachers down. But that's not it. It's Bud - we miss him. You know, with all the work we do on creating a socially interactive developing environment for all the children, and emphasizing it with Bud, somehow we didn't really notice that it's happened. It happened already. We are all a part of that classroom family that we try to create, and Bud's school "siblings" are missing am I. (I'm sure our para would be missing him too if she weren't down for the count with a temp of 103.) Anyway, maybe the Buds out there aren't playing board games or tag with their peers yet, but they have developed a very personal, unique relationship with many of their classmates. It does not follow the same path as a pair of neurotypical kids might follow, but it is rich and necessary in and of itself. There is a relationship bond just waiting for him. And as for the teacher, well, I was dusting around my Miss Bindergarten doll this afternoon, and was thinking of Bud's face when he first discovered it. I miss his discovery face, and his sly smile, and his personal boogie to music, and of course the dance parties. Get better Bud. Mrs. H.

r.b. said...

I'm sorry you're all sick, hope you get well soon!

I am new to this type of blogging, and Mr. Brett's "consensus" blog led me to yours. My son is 12 now. and hearing you talk about Bud is like going down memory lane...