Friday, April 14, 2006

Class act

Though Bud had another sick day home from school today, it seems he is starting to be his old self again.

During our recent family festivities, Bud was introduced to the joys of whoopee cushions. Today, he has rediscovered the magic.

You know how it is.

Nothing says "anniversary" like artificial gas noises.

And nothing says "good health" like peals of Bud's belly-laughs.


Mamaroo said...

Brother-roo has been having some fun with a whoopee cushion here also. He thought it was funny to put it under my dad's chair on April Fools Day. Of course it was my mature idea to do this. It's funny how a fart noise can crack people up. Roo likes it too (it's one of those ones that inflates itself), but he doesn't laugh or get the humor. I doubt he links it to the sound of a fart, but he does like to push on it (or step on it) and make the sound often.

kristina said...

Happy sounds from both ends, so to speak.......

Anonymous said...

I was deeply enthralled when, last year, a fellow teacher with a penchant for practical jokes brought in a self-inflating whoopie cushion. "where WERE these things 20 years ago?" I wailed in lamentation.

My fear is that once my lil' Solenbum figgured out how to work the thing (that is, provided he didn't bite off the flappy end first) we'd never hear the end of hot rippers.

Found your blog by surfin' in from Tales from Mom of Boys and will be lookin' forward to many interesting stories to come! (SHAMELESS PLUG: feel free to check out MY autism blog at