Friday, March 31, 2006

Wherefore art thou, Clay?

I love the poetry in Bud's language.

Spring weather is finally here, so today instead of driving to the school door to pick Bud up I parked in a more distant parking lot - the one where we parked in the fall when Bud played with Clay after school.

As we approached the car, Bud said enthusiastically, "Mama, can I go exploring?"

"Sure you can!" I said.

His enthusiasm never dimmed, but he said, "Clay is not here."

"No, he's not." I said

"It's kind of sorrow," Bud said very matter-of-factly. "Parting is such sweet sorrow." And then he skipped off to play.

Now, granted, he wasn't quoting Shakespeare directly; Bud hasn't actually read Romeo and Juliet. He was quoting Monster Clubhouse, which was quoting Shakespeare. But really - sorrow? I didn't know Bud knew what "sorrow" meant.

And, sure, it's a script - but of the dozens of hours of scripts that Bud has in his head, that is the one he pulled out: "Parting is such sweet sorrow." I wouldn't be so sad to leave you if I wasn't so happy when I'm with you.

He doesn't talk about it much, but Bud misses his friend. And he's right. Parting really is such sweet sorrow.


Kristina Chew said...

But good memories linger till the morrow.....

And beyond!

Lisa/Jedi said...

I love the linguistic hybrids B puts together- there is a definite poetry to them :) He coined the term "rantom" some years ago to describe his stuffed rabbits when they were being "random & rambunctious". We still use it, it's so descriptive... :)

Wendy said...

I take it no one has heard from Clay since his sudden departure from school?

Bud sounds like such an amazing little guy. I know I sound like a broken record but I just love hearing about the things that come out of his mouth. :)

Wade Rankin said...

It's always a little thrill when the script makes sense. And Bud's certainly did.

MOM-NOS said...

Actually, Wendy, there has been news: Clay may be returning to Bud's school next year. I haven't mentioned the possibility to Bud yet - next year is still a long way off - but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!