Saturday, March 11, 2006

Uncommon cents

So, I'll try to be delicate here.

This morning Bud was playing a diving game with a penny in the bathtub. He'd close his eyes, toss the penny, then go diving to find it. Every time I suggested that it was time to get dry, he'd request five more minutes to play. So, I admit it, I was getting bored and wasn't paying careful attention to his every move.

That's when I heard, "Where's my penny, Mom?"

I looked in the tub. No penny.

"I don't know, Bud. Where is it?"

"It's in my bum."


"The penny's in my bum. Can you get it out, please?"

"It's in your BUM?!"

"Yes. Can you get it out, please, Mom?"

Oh. My. Goodness. Don't panic. Don't laugh. Don't make him anxious.

I scooped him up and dropped him on the toilet. "Push, Bud," I told him. "Push like it's a poop." He pushed and strained and... nothing.

"Get it out, Mom, okay?"

I got him some apple juice to help get things going, then called the doctor's office. The woman who answered sounded kind (if amused) and said she'd have a nurse call me right back. The nurse called quickly, and with equal parts compassion and humor told me that if he wasn't in any pain and the penny wasn't blocking any... action... then we'd just need to bulk up on fruits and fibers and wait for it to pass. Just how I'd hoped to spend my Saturday.

Penny for your thoughts?


Jenn said...

Well, I'd give you my 2 cents, but somehow I suspect you'd rather not add anything else into the mix. I'll admit your blog did give me a chuckle - Only because it sounds like something my middle son would have done. As he runs about shedding clothes everywhere, he tends to get hurt, and we've discovered that there are some places mummy just can't kiss better - chocolate milk will have to do.....

kristina said...

Brown rice? Shredded wheat? Prune juice, which tastes, looks and smells awful once did the trick for Charlie. Sometimes a little olive oil on homemade oven fries has expedited the elimination process......

Alana said...

Forgive me dear Mom-NOS, for I have cracked up actually. I would never have confessed to this is I hadn't read that all was well in your post after this.

Anonymous said...

Glad I wasn't drinking my coffee when I read this. Very funny.