Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Lazarus fish

It seems that Dorothy has returned from the brink of death. She's back in her bowl, happily cohabitating with Stevie, swimming and eating as if nothing ever happened. Bud has been spared the heartache of loss for now.

I have to say, when you folks send positive energy out into the universe, you don't mess around!

In other news, despite his protestations to the contrary, Bud ended up being a lot of fun yesterday, as he beat me soundly in a string and a half of bowling.


kristina said...

Lazarus weekend! So to speak. Go Bud with bowling ball!

Alana said...

Some people can't help but be a lot of fun, despite there efforts not to be :)

MothersVox said...

So cool that Dorothy has rallied!

Sweet M used to have a little goldfish called Dorie who went through a period of belly floating but not dying. Eventually she did die, and we had to commit her to the Hudson River.

It was midwinter when she passed away and we pour her out into a watery passage between the ice chunks on the river and she was swept away by the current.

Sweet M said, "Look Mama, Dorie's swimming. She woke up!" I didn't have the heart to tell her otherwise.

I file this untruth along with white lies about Santa Claus.