Thursday, March 16, 2006

Healthy competition

Have I mentioned how much I love Bud's team at school?

The learning specialist who works with Bud called me tonight. At home. During her time off. To gush about my son.

I love that.

She said she was calling from Cloud Nine. Bud has had a great couple of days with her. Yesterday they were working on Starfall together, and it prompted all kinds of spontaneous, unscripted, engaged and focused language in Bud.

And if that wasn't great enough, today when she visited his classroom he flirted with her! He tapped her on one shoulder, then darted away. Then he came back and tapped her on the other shoulder and darted away. And then he peeked at her (in that flirty way he has) from across the room. She was delighted - and, she said, Mrs. H was jealous.

Mrs. H was so jealous, in fact, that later in the day she rushed into the Special Ed room to report that when she was helping Bud in the bathroom, he flipped off the light and shouted "Let's have a dance party!"

"Oh, yeah" said Bud's Occupational Therapist, with a smile, "Bud and I have been dancing together for weeks."

So, it seems there's a bit of competition going on at Bud's school. It's okay, though; it's the best kind of competition.

It's the kind in which everyone wins.


kristina said...

Especially Bud!

Alana said...

I love that! Bud seems to be the master of competitions that EVERYONE wins. I wanna compete too!

gretchen said...

Women are fighting over his attentions already- what a charmer.

Wendy said...

What a cute, funny story! Bud must be quite the charmer to have two grown women fighting over him. Go Bud! :)