Monday, February 20, 2006


I'd be exhausted if I weren't in complete awe of Bud's staying power. His day (and mine) started at 5:30 this morning with a loud, all-out, full-scale song-and-dance routine. I believe it was something from Elmo's Wild Wild West, but it's hard to remember back that far. For the past fourteen (plus) hours, Bud has been going nonstop.

Nonstop sound.

Nonstop movement.

My day has been a blur of singing Hap Palmer Monster Clubhouse jumping making-puppets-with-hands "THE WILD WILD WEST!" It's a Big Big World shouting chattering skipping rolling crashing running talking "Everybody now!" commands to join in "Howdy, cowboy Bud!" dancing "Now it's time to get chased by a toy 'nelephant" screeching dashing escaping "Mama, what did I did?" marching "You try this, Mama!" Teletubbies "It's a great day in Suessville today!" Zoboomafoo "Furry feeling of the day!" "Now we're WATER CREATURES" splashing "YEEEEE-HA!" everybody sing the big finish as loud as you can "You and me and the curve OF THE WOOOOOOOORLD!"

Through breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Through an OT session.

Through Target and TJ Maxx.

Through much too much time in the car.

He's been in a joyous mood, with not a moment of fuss or disagreement about anything. But he hasn't taken a single breath all day. He's been manicmanicmanic gogogo. All. Day. Long.

I gave him his melatonin about an hour ago. He should be asleep by now. He's in bed; I'll give him that. But he's singing softly, with an occasional outburst of "Yee-ha!" And he's calling me, mostly to report that he's not scared.

The weather report says it'll be a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. But my human barometer tells me there's a storm on the way.


kristina said...

I also note with Charlie, a day off from school is seriously dysregulating---no matter how much he does, the cognitive energy expended is not the same.

mommyguilt said...

Oh I'm exhausted! Holy Cow! Good senses, though. You're right, they're may be a storm brewing, but it may just be that he REALLY didn't know what to do with what would have been his typically structured day.

Thankfully for us, I was off of work on Monday so that sort of threw something totally unexpected into the Monday mix. We were able to be home and do whatever we wanted instead of trying to punt. Keep us posted on the stormfront.