Monday, February 20, 2006

Progress in progress

One of the greatest benefits of writing this blog is that it allows me to chart Bud's progress without relying on my (increasingly middle-aged and ever-fading) memory. This struck me the other day when Bud woke at 5:00 a.m. bursting with frenetic energy (how does he DO that?) and tried to rouse me from the blurry fog of sleep.

"I'm awake already!" he said.

"You sure are," I mumbled.

"Yes, I are. I am."


"And I'm getting ready for my breakfast!"

As I laid there trying to will my body to move it struck me how far Bud's language has come. He's not just using tenses appropriately now; he's also self-correcting his errors. I thought about the post I wrote when I started to see the signs that this skill was emerging. When was that? Last summer? I couldn't remember, so I checked the blog.

Four months ago.

It was only FOUR months ago! It's startling; each day builds on the last and each evolving skill gets sharper in such small increments that it's easy to lose sight of the big picture. It's easy to focus on the deficits and the struggles and the things that still need work. But he's making progress; real, tangible, actual progress. And I've got the blog to prove it.


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Something to get up for!

The best of it is, we out here in the blogworld have been able to read and delight in Bud's progress, too.

kristina said...
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Octobermom said...

I've been thinking about this ALOT lately with India. Her speech is progressing so quickly, I can't blog fast enough about her progress to keep up. It's an amazing thing and wake up every morning wondering what she'll say next!