Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lover boy

Valentines Day is one of Bud's favorite days of the year; he calls it "Love Day." On Tuesday, after about a week of struggling with dysregulation during classroom transitions, Bud had a fabulous day at school. He was overflowing with warm feelings and, in the spirit of the holiday, spent his day kissing his teacher and classroom aide. Luckily, with only one exception - when he was moved by the spirit while the aide was standing next to his chair and he leaned over and gave her a big smooch on the thigh - his kisses were apparently appropriate and well-received. Much to my delight, his kissing fest has continued at home and I have been the lucky recipient of pecks and smacks and big sloppy expressions of affection.

He's reluctant to let Love Day end, and has been faithfully carrying around the small foam heart that Mrs. H gave him as he's tried to keep the feeling alive. He's also been wearing the adorable red beret we gave him instead of candy for Valentines Day. (He'd spied it - and coveted it - in a store before Christmas, so I'd returned to the store, bought the hat, and squirreled it away so well that I couldn't find it in time for December 25. Enter the Valentines Day present.) He looks dashing, and is so pleased with himself that he's even been wearing the beret to bed.

It makes sense, though. After all, French is the language of love, c'est pas?


gretchen said...

Bud is so lovable and sweet- wish you would post a picture of him in his beret!!!

What kind of valentines did he distribute? Teletubbies? Dragon Tales?

kristina said...

Vraiment! Sounds like Bud is spreading what ought to be the "true meaning" of V-Day: la vraie choise, l'amour lui-meme.

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

So cute! I just want to give Bud a hug. I think we should rename Valentine's Day "Love Day" sounds so much cooler.


Eileen said...

What a lover boy Bud is! So sweet. Much to my delight, I have been getting some pretty nice smooches from my own little lover boy over here too.

MOM-NOS said...

Gretchen, it was Clifford valentines this year. he actually has a whole box of Tubbies valentines that he plays with, but they are much to valuable to give away. :)

It was actually quite a production. The store-bought valentines are so tiny that it was just about impossible for him to write people's names on them. So we addressed larger envelopes - one a day for over a week - then put in the Valentines and a small bag of M&Ms, and sealed it all with a Clifford sticker. I'm just glad he doesn't have a bigger class!