Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's a big, big, mellow world

It's all peace, love and tree sloths at our house these days: Bud is a fan of the new PBS show It's a Big, Big World. This delightful show is a mix of computer animation and puppetry and stars Snook, a slow-moving tree sloth who speaks in the listless, you-do-your-thing-I'll-do-mine kind of hippie-speak that the guy down the hall in college who smoked way too much marijuana used to use.

Bud has the sort of echolalia in which he not only adopts the words in a script; he also adopts the tone, the dialect, the inflection, the cadence - everything. He's the boy of a thousand voices: he sounds Australian when he's doing the Wiggles; he can do back-and-forth high-brow British and cockney accents when the Tubbies segment calls for it; and you have to hear it for yourself to truly appreciate his rendition of Ruby the Bunny as he tries to give Daddy a make-over, complete with beehive hairdo. So it's been a lot of fun lately to watch him do his slow sloth-like shuffle around the house, sounding totally - well, to be honest - stoned.

He greets his dad at the door with a sluggish, drawn out "Heeeyyyy... you came back to hang with us!"

His grandmother gets a different, equally lethargic greeting: "Heeeyyyy, Nana... how's it going?"

But my favorite greeting came as we drove down a rural street on our way home from school and I slowed the car as we passed a group of wild turkeys. One of the turkeys was primed for mating - his head held high, his wattle a brilliant red, his chest puffed up and thrust forward, his tail feathers in full plumage. He was strutting his stuff and was clearly out to impress the ladies.

And that's when I heard from the back seat, "Heeeeeyyyyy, turkey... lookin' good!"

I laughed so hard I almost drove off the road.

So, my thanks to PBS for a very sweet new show filled with lovable characters and singable songs and, mostly, for a lot of great laughs.

Peace out, man.


Gwuinifer said...

this made me nearly fall out of my chair laughing.


Eileen said...

Thaaats sooo funyyy duuude!

Anonymous said...

LOL! that is so funny! bud cracks me up!

kristina said...

Here's to Bud for giving peace a chance!

The Jedi Family of Blogs said...

B also loves "Big Big World", which surprised us because he's nearly 10 & very self-conscious about doing "little kid" stuff. But he also has a good sense of what he can & can't share with his peers, so I don't worry about his being ridiculed about his love for this show. It's on right after school so we've made homework accomodations to make sure he gets to see it :)

I was also struck by your description of Bud's echolalia-type talent. B has it too & it's come in very handy as he gets older. He's well known at school for his ability to mimic practically anything, & his stuffed naked mole rat (& constant companion) Rufus sang- with B producing his version of Rufus' voice :) -a solo at his school's final concert last year, bringing down the house! We've started Japanese lessons, too, because we thought it would be good to get another language into his "ear" as soon as possible (we're both enjoying the lessons very much). Who knows where this will take him...?

Octobermom said...

Bud and my IDGs have very similar taste in television: Dragon Tales, Teletubbies and now Big Big World. India is so sensitive to moods lately (their working hard on that at school) that when the end song plays she says "oooh, why so sad?". It wasn't til she said that that I noticed the end song really DOES sound rather sad!