Monday, February 06, 2006

Farewell to a friend

Clay has left school.

I don't know the story, though I'm sure there is one. It was a sudden departure - well, sudden to me, anyway. It may well have been coming for a long time. There was no time for goodbyes, though. Clay was literally at school one day and gone the next.

So there are no more high-fives in the parking lot.

No more opportunities to explore the world.

No more friendly invitations.

No more magic birthday parties.

My heart is full of prayers and good wishes for Clay, his adorable baby brother, and their wonderful mom. But, really, my heart is broken as well. Bud, on the other hand, takes a much more philosophical view on the matter. Today another boy at school was out sick, and I wondered if Bud understood the difference, so as we drove home I said, "Tim wasn't at school day."

"He's sick," Bud told me.

"And Clay is not at school anymore either. Where is Clay?"

"He's home," Bud said. "He's playing outside. He watches PBS Kids on t.v. He's happy."

I hope so, Bud. I really do hope so.


Octobermom said...

I have to admit, my heart just sunk a little. :-(

I wonder if Clay and his mom can under just how important and special he's been.

Here's to a wonderful new "replacement".


kristina said...

Any word about the sudden change from Bud's teacher? I remember still when "Charlie's girlfriend" was gone--equally sudden and heart-breaking.

Hopefully his mom will find your blog someday!

MOM-NOS said...

Kristina, because she knew about Bud's connection with Clay, Mrs. H did give me the heads-up that this was not a temporary situation. But out of respect for their privacy she hasn't offered and I haven't asked for any details. She has, however, gone out of her way to help him get connected to a couple of girls in the class. Bud is clearly appealing to all of their emerging maternal instincts and they have taken him right under their wings - a place where, I have to say, he seems delighted to be. We started writing Valentines tonight (if we do one card a night we'll get them all done in time for the big day) and he knew JUST whose card he wanted to write first. Very sweet.

gretchen said...

I didn't need to hear that today. It just feeds my cynical thoughts that nothing good stays!

It is ironic that we are all more upset about it than Bud is.

KCsMom said...

That is heartbreaking:( I hope Bud will be o.k.:)

Moi ;) said...

Is there no way to find out where he went?

I hate when this happens. It always seems that the friends our kids pick up are transient. We are lucky enough that Bug made his best friend in 2nd grade, and they are still together.

Bud will make more friends. Maybe a few, maybe one, maybe a lot. But he will - you can bet on it. :)