Thursday, January 26, 2006

What, that again?

A difficult night falling asleep. A request for water. A call for one more cuddle. And then a singsong "Mo - om!"

"What is it, Bud?"

"I always keep sleeping!"

"Yes, that's good, honey. You're supposed to be sleeping!"


"I already sleeped!"

Sure, he may like routine and predictability, but really - must the poor boy sleep every night?


Brett said...

I know what you mean, though for Z the real issue is eating. He likes food and has no problem grabbing a snack that he can eat while doing something fun (especially as he hits the teenage years full force).

But he has no use for just sitting down and eating a meal. That, to him, is just a distraction.

Over the years, we've established certain nights and events as "sit down together" meals. Since we've explained it to him ahead time and he knows it is coming, he's OK with it (though he still doesn't quite fully engage in the togetherness part).


kristina said...

Bud's latest phrasing reminds me of the niceties of grammar: "Always keep sleeping" is the imperfect tense, which denotes habitual or repeated action"--he is indeed keep at this sleeping thing---while "already sleeped" is the perfect tense----denoting a single, past action (perhaps one "sleep" is one close of the eyes?).

Hope he is sleeping now (present tense, iterative--something happening over and over).

MOM-NOS said...

And that's Bud in a nutshell, Kristina - imperfectly perfect (and, thankfully, sound asleep!)