Sunday, January 08, 2006


Bud's developed a new verbal style. Here are a few examples.

Example 1: My husband watches as Bud attempts to scale the back of the couch. "Careful, there, Bud," he calls out. "You'll hurt yourself doing that."

"That's what YOU think," Bud mutters in reply.

Example 2: We are browsing in a toy store deciding how to spend a gift certificate. "Look, Bud," I say, holding up a toy. "Isn't this neat?"

"Actually, mom..." he says, dismissing me. (The unspoken end to his sentence is, of course, abundantly clear: "that is so uncool.")

Example 3: We are driving home to pick up my husband before we head out for dinner.

"I want to go the restaurant," says Bud.

"We have to pick up Daddy first."

Heavy sigh. "Whatever."

This can only mean one thing: my sweet little boy has started giving me ATTITUDE. It's rude. It's annoying. It's, it's, it's...

It's so neurotypical!

It may not be my favorite milestone, but it's a milestone all the same. There's a limit to my tolerance of it, though; I'm absolutely dreading the day when he starts calling me "dude."


Anonymous said...

hooray for bud's developmental milestone!! yes, "dude" is surely on the way and all sorts of eye rolling and 'that is so 20 minutes ago' can't be far off! we're having the terrible twos over in our house, almost 3 years 'late' but yipee for progress.

kristina said...

We just got through those terrible 2's (at 8 years old) and definitely have 'tude, swagger, and the "Mom you have got to be kidding look." Mostly to the tune of "NO"---"no walk" (what kind of a preschooler do you think I am?), "no green apple, red sprinkles!" (what kind of a nutrition freak are you, mom?). I've been the one saying, "whatEHvah, Cholly."

Sometimes "NO," after 10 seconds, turns into Charlie turning and doing the "whatever." Mom can be a dudette too.

MothersVox said...

Whoa, 'tude rocks! That's excellent news. Congratulations to you and to Bud.

Sweet M. has been saying "Whatever whatever" for a while now.

And, with great exasperation, "Okay, I get it I get it."

And, sometimes, especially when I'm joking, she'll say, "You're kidding, right?"

You're right, they're acting so NT! And just when we'd realized we'd happily love them as autie forever. Whatever!

Eileen said...

Very NT this attitude that Bud has developed. Great news!

Brian's latest is that he runs to his room and shuts the door, like some kind of teenage girl who is sulking.

Andrew isn't verbally giving me attitude, but he is showing me non-verbally when he is mad. Trying to kick and pouting when I tell him "No". I can't wait for the 'tude to come out verbally with him.

Brett said...

That's great! It is so often the things that other parents take for granted that can bring a smile to our faces (even when it probably shouldn't ;-)

Though Zeke is still not quite caught up with his NT peers, he is definitely at that point where we ask ourselves, "Is he doing that because he's autistic, or because he's a teenage boy?" Washing his hair, brushing his teeth (now with braces - oh JOY!), going outside in the snow without a jacket...

supermom_in_ny said...

OMG!!! My Little One too!! He now appropriatelt proclaims: Oh Shoot!, Oh Man! and the worst of all ...thanks to Carmen of Spy Kids I, II, and III.....Oh S^&*! he can't say Shitake like she does?! Oh well, two out of three isn't bad?........

Alliandre said...