Thursday, December 01, 2005

Party boy

Clay invited Bud to his birthday party.

Bud has gone to birthday parties before, but they have always been for the children of my friends. He has not been invited to his very own friend's birthday party before.

Until now.

I'm holding my breath until I can ask Clay's mom if they have a dog, which will be the deciding factor on whether or not Bud will actually be able to attend the party. But even if we ultimately have to decline, it will not diminish the big picture here: Bud is welcome; he's wanted; and he's interested in the idea of going to Clay's party. And that big picture is really, really big.


Jenn said...

How very exciting!! I do hope he is able to go to the party and has a wonderful time!
Matthew is afraid of dogs - Only small ones though. Bigger ones he loves.

Octobermom said...

YAY!!! This is so exciting! I was wondering how the Bud/Clay union was going. This is great. It really, really is :-)


gretchen said...

I can feel your happiness- this IS really big. I remember reading the previous post you link to, and wanting to cry thinking about the things our kids miss out on.