Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"I love you" more

When I read Kristina's post on Charlie's use of "hi" over at Autismland, I realized that my recent post on the myriad meanings of Bud's I-love-yous did not present an exhaustive list. Since then I've recognized even more uses that I missed.

Like Charlie's "hi," Bud's "I love you" can be an admonition against singing in the car. Last week, as I belted out "Sleigh Ride" in the front, I heard from the back a determined "I love you, Mom. Don't sing." (Translation: "No offense. You're bugging me.")

It can also express gratitude. This morning he shouted up the stairs to ask me to rewind his videotape (in Budspeak, "Mom, it needs to be winding!") When I shouted down to tell him I'd be right there, he shouted back "I love you!" (Translation: "Thanks!")

It also acts as punctuation. Bud has taught himself the alphabet in sign language, using a poster that hangs in the bathroom in his classroom. The poster shows a hand making each letter, then shows the sign for "I love you." When Bud does his sign language alphabet he talks along, "A - B - C ... - X - Y - Z - and - Iloveyou." (Translation: "The end.")

And tonight, as I sat down to blog, I heard Bud in the next room having trouble winding down, calling out for water, telling me that he was scared, and trying anything he could think of to get me to come back in. "Mo - om," he sing-songed out. "Come give your buddy a HUG!" That did it. I peered around the corner and said "Okay, one more hug."

"I love you!" he cheered. "YEAH!" (Translation: "Hooray! One for the home team!") I'll let him go on thinking it was a win for the home team. But we know the truth; it was really a tie.


kristina said...

I was going to say "hi" but---yes, now I don't know what it means! In Charliespeak, "I wuh' voo" tends to come with a few strains of the Purple Dinosaur's song.

Sounds like everyone was a winner tonight.

mommyguilt said...

Most often, SmallBoy uses it in context, but sometimes it comes out when I tell him he cannot do something or play with something, etc...."No, SmallBoy."

"But I LOVE you." See what I mean...

Almost like, "But Mom, how could you possibly say 'no'?"

Eileen said...

Andrew repeats "la loo", but there was ONE time that he came up to me in the kitchen and said spontaneously as he hugged my leg "la loo". I like to think that he REALLY did mean I love You.

Brian uses it in other ways though, like today when he ran ahead of Andrew and I as we walked to the car. He lay on the grass by the car and yelled, "Hey Ma...I love you". Followed by, "I'm waiting for you". As if to say, "you are taking too long".