Monday, December 05, 2005

Ho ho ho

In the past, Bud has always been creeped out by Santa. I understand the sentiment; I find Santa a little creepy myself. But this year, the whole Santa thing "clicked" for Bud: I tell him what I want, and he brings it to me! So now Bud is all about Santa - with the caveat, of course, that Bud will not have to visit him at the mall, and that the old guy will agree to drop the presents and vacate the premises before Bud wakes up on Christmas morning.

Regardless, this weekend Bud wrote his first letter to Santa. More accurately, I wrote while Bud dictated. It says:

Dear Santa,
What do you bring for me? I want a movie and a toy and a magic hat and a magic cape and a wand. Serval kittens are great jumpers. Planets. Some drums. Controls.

Then at the bottom, with Hancockesque aplomb, he has signed his name.

I think Santa will be able to deliver in most cases. The controls may not be possible; Bud wants a sound-making control panel like the one in the Teletubbies' house. And one note about the serval kittens: he was watching Zoboomafoo while we were writing the letter. He doesn't actually want serval kittens.

At least, I don't think he does.


Eileen said...

Great letter to Santa and very nice how Bud is getting the Santa idea this year.

I posted about our visit to the mall to see Santa. Maybe next year I will just bring Brian. At least I don't think I will push the issue with Andrew next year.

Last night while I was putting the boys to bed, Andrew said out of no
where,"bye Santa..ho ho ho".

Kristina Chew said...

We could use a planet or two around here too to expand our little home universe. And a Tubbie custard machine, so Charlie does not recruit our toaster for that role.

wendy said...

That was a cute letter!!! I love kids' letters to Santa. I'd like a planet or two myself.

Wade Rankin said...

Uh-oh {spoken with an inflection bespeaking tortuous experience}. Those drums could get old real fast.

Bonnie Ventura said...

Maybe you could find a pair of stuffed toy servals. That would make a cute Christmas present!

meljoy said...

wow, you are only the second blog i have seen that has a child with autism, maybe I am not looking hard enough...weird, but cool!