Saturday, December 03, 2005

Happy Birthday, Big Boy Jesus

Bud hates babies. He has hated them since - well, really, since he was one. I think babies are too much like dogs for Bud - they're unpredictable, they make loud noises, and they tend to divert the attention of the people whose attention Bud wants.

Apparently in school today there must have been some mention of the upcoming celebration of the birth of Baby Jesus, because at dinner tonight Bud announced, "I don't want birthday for Baby Jesus. Just boy and girl."

Now despite our current religious affiliation, we do try to connect Jesus Christ to Bud's experience of Christmas and we continue a family tradition of having a birthday cake for Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve.

So, we had an impromptu family meeting and we've struck a compromise. This Christmas we won't be observing the birth of Christ at Bud's house.

We'll be celebrating Christ's sixth birthday.


Susan Senator said...

Very cute. Wonderful solution! I have a dear friend who used to turn Christmas into a kind of birthday party for Jesus, and they even had a Happy Birthday, Jesus cake! It does keep everyone focused on the actual, original meaning of Christmas, I suppose.

kristina said...

Charlie has gotten interested in babies--almost threw his arms around a tiny toddler at the mall (I hated to stop him but Charlie is become a giant; I praised him warmly for showing such interest). His favorite former therapist had a baby past year and one of his therapists is expeting in February--and believe me, before Charlie was 100-plus % oblivious.
No, he's not getting any babies around our house in the near or distant future.