Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sick or treat

After weeks of preparation and discussion about making the bold move to being a pirate after two years as a firefighter, Bud had to sit out the Halloween festivities this years. Plans were progressing smoothly until Sunday afternoon when we were out shopping and Bud recreated a scene from The Exorcist in a public restroom. All over the restroom. If you know what I mean.

So this year there was no pirate costume, no trick-or-treating-and-trying-to-hold-the-candy-bag-while-keeping-hands-on-ears, no Kindergarten classroom party or school costume parade, no nothing. I was disappointed on his behalf, but Bud was completely unphased by the change in plans. He happily collected his party booty a day late in school. He declined the opportunity to wear his costume to a Day of the Dead celebration on November 1 (though after viewing with fascination the elaborate altars with miniature sarcophagi and skulls made of sugar, he announced "Mama, I like this circus!")

And now the local retailers are moving quickly, sweeping the shelves clear of cauldrons and candy, and restocking them with twinkling lights and candy canes and wrapping paper. Bud has wasted no time in making the transition, either. He's announced that he wants drums for Christmas. Big drums with cymbals. I'm beginning to understand why he was so quick to write off Halloween. Enough with the preliminaries; let's get to the good stuff.


gretchen said...

Oh, I'm sorry that Bud missed Halloween this year. But, considering that I've been eating my son's candy for the past three nights, and he seems to have forgotten all about it, maybe the parents are the ones who care more about this holiday?!

Kristina Chew said...

Considering that Halloween is a "pagan" ritual, the exorcism incurred seems, well, in keeping with it all. Charlie has been drumming too.