Saturday, November 05, 2005

I think I've (finally) got it

Many months ago, I posted about a mystery that had me stumped, in which Bud had started calling the remote control to the portable DVD player a "miper." I knew there had to be a logical reason, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was.

When Bud adopted the "miper" title, his obsession d'jour was using it to change the Teletubbies narrator from speaking with an American accent to speaking with a British accent, then back again.

Tonight, after days of listening to him beg, I relented and let him watch home videos of himself. I am usually loathe to do this, because 1) the videos remind him of old scripts he has stopped perseverating on, and reintroduces them into his repertoire for a while, and 2) the videos themselves start to become scripts for him to perseverate on. However, I did let him watch himself in action for about 30 minutes. In one of the segments, he was in the bathtub singing loudly into my round hairbrush.

An hour later, the videos were stashed away and it was bathtime and - true to form - Bud wanted my hairbrush so that he could recreate the scene he'd just watched.

"Mama, can I have my miperphone?"

"Your what?"

"My miperphone."

The fog lifted. A miperphone is a device that you talk into that changes the sound of your voice. So what would you call a device that you don't talk into that changes the sound - the accent - of a voice?

A miper, perhaps?

Not even wrong.

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