Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Happy sadness

Sometimes it's his most difficult feelings that Bud expresses best. Last week I had to work late, and missed the dinner, bathtime, and bedtime routines. Though Daddy and Nana were here to make the process run smoothly, Bud grew increasingly dismayed as the evening wore on.

"I'm sad," he told Nana.

"What makes you sad, Bud?" Nana asked.

"I'm not..." he started.

"I don't..." he said.

"Mom nots..." he tried again.

Then slowly and carefully, he put his thoughts into words: "I don't...want...Mom gone." (And, for the record, if I can put my own thoughts into words for a moment - Mom don'ts wants to be gone, too.)

This weekend Bud and I were headed out for a day of errands, and Daddy was planning a day for himself. Bud seemed fine with the plan; he put on his coat, gave Daddy a kiss, and announced that he was off "to the Red Store!" (Target, of course.)

Bud went out to the garage ahead of me and I dashed back into the house to get something I'd forgotten. When I got to the garage 30 seconds later, Bud was awash in tears. Before I could look for blood or ask what had happened, Bud looked in my eyes and said "I miss Daddy!" We ran back into the house and Daddy wrapped his arms around Bud and held him tightly.

"Do you want me to come with you, Bud?"


"Okay, honey. It's okay."

Bud looked over his shoulder at me and smiled through his tears. "Dad's gonna go with him."

Of course, good parents never want to make their children sad. But sometimes... sometimes it really is worth it.


Kyra said...

oh! how i love bud! "dad's gonna go with him." !! it's so perfect!

just now, as i'm stealing a few minutes in my office and dave is taking care of fluffy, i hear knock knock on my door. it's fluffy saying he has a boo boo and it needs a hug and daddy alrady gave it a hug but it needs one from me because my hugs work the best.

i love our kids.

mommyguilt said...

There must be something in the air this week. It seems we've all been having good expressive weeks with our kids. Like I said to Kyra on her site, we should be so HAPPY that they are doing this and live in it - even if the expression is coming out of frustration - because who knows what kind of a day tomorrow will bring.

Nice job, Bud!!!!