Friday, September 23, 2005

Young explorers

Bud's friendship with Clay continues to flourish.

Granted, the extent of their out-of-classroom friendship is walking to our cars at the end of the school day and giving a high-five, but it has expanded to include weaving in and out of trees on the way up the walk, then romping through the woods at the edge of the parking lot. Bud calls this "Exploring the World With Clay" and he is absolutely delighted by it.

Today Clay climbed a tree, and Bud flapped his hands so much I think he left the ground and took flight. Though Clay is as neurotypical as they come, he does not seem to notice Bud's flapping and perseverating on movie scripts. Somehow, this little five-year-old can already see the value in Exploring the World With Bud.

I think they are both in for an amazing adventure.


kristina said...

You must be flying high too---cheers from kc

mommyguilt said...

Oh that is wonderful. It is very refreshing to note that Clay really enjoys Bud for the boy that he is...and that Bud is interacting more and more.

How wonderful for you & Bud!!!

Anonymous said...

Does Bud flap his hands when he is happy/excited? My son does that too. For awhile his various therapists tried to make him stop, I think just on the principle that it is odd and an autistic mannerism. But then one of his teachers pointed out that it's just his way of expressing happiness and excitement, so maybe there wasn't anything wrong with it. That was my gut feeling too- it's like he can't contain his happy emotions and they just come bouncing out of his body.