Friday, September 02, 2005

Eye of the storm

Like the rest of the country, I am riveted by the news coming out of the Gulf Coast. And like many others, I am horrified by the overwhelming lack of response from the federal government and the profound lack of leadership from the President.

If you have not heard last night's radio interview with New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, take twelve minutes and listen to it (click on Mayor: "Get Off Your Asses") then tell everyone else you know to listen to it as well. Demand that elected officials get off their asses and do something fast. And once the crisis has passed, make a statement at the ballot box. This nation cannot withstand more of the same.

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Moi ;) said...

Anyone who lives on the Gulf coast who votes for someone who is in office now pretty much deserves what they get from now on. I think we need to make a clean sweep. There is no excuse this non-action.

I am so tired to trying to get people to vote who don't give a crap. If this doesn't make them give a crap, I don't know what will.