Monday, September 05, 2005

Blame floats to the top

Shame on George Bush for trying to pass the buck and place the blame for the tragically incompetent response to the Gulf Coast devastation on "state and local authorities."

Here's what "locals" were saying in June.

According to Mike Tidwell on yesterday's Meet the Press, the pricetag for the Coast 2050 project, which has been a proposal since the mid-90's and which would have prevented this tragedy is 14 billion dollars, or about two weeks spending in the Iraq war.

How do you feel about your $600 tax refund now?

1 comment:

Kyra said...

RIGHT F'ING ON! It is so infuriating and sickening to me. why isn't the nation RISING UP AND OUSTING THIS DANGEROUS SELFISH MORALLY VACANT SHIT?