Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Another thought on systemizing.

Over the past month or so, at the times when Bud has had enough, is at his limit, is as frustrated as he can possibly be, he has shouted the same thing: "But, Mama, it's UNSORTED!"

I imagine it's a script from a computer game. It's not a literal statement - he is not actually concerned about some belonging or other being all jumbled up. But the fact remains - when he's grasping for the right word to express his rage and frustration, where you or I would probably let loose with a string of curse words, the word Bud chooses is "unsorted." Fascinating.

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Kristina Chew said...

Thanks for your thanks abouy my S B-C post--I have to rush with my online time as I'm at any internet cafe and Charlie wants to get back on the beach)--I downloaded your posts to read them. Did I note that Charlie decided that the toilet bowl bore a remarkable resemblance to the hole the teletubbies jump in as they say "bye bye" at the end? In the past, Charlie has put in a few Laa Laas and stand-ins for Dispy, and we kept paying the plumber.