Monday, August 08, 2005

Tweaking the medication

After two weeks on the combination of Adderall and Strattera, Bud seems to have settled in enough for us to recognize patterns and assess the effects. I'm growing increasingly convinced that he doesn't have ADHD, and that stimulants act as stimulants to him. Even at the decreased dose of 7.5 mg of Adderall, Bud is just a constant stream of sound. He's either scripting, humming, making percussion noises, or talking from the moment he wakes up until he falls asleep.

The positive effects of Strattera are still clear, though. He is much more focused (so when he's doing his one-man percussion session and I say "Bud, what song is that?") he'll stop and tell me before he launches back into it. And his language ability is better than it's ever been. So we're tweaking again - staying with 10 mg Strattera, but dropping to 5 mg Adderall. My guess is that over time we'll drop Adderall altogether and perhaps bump up the Strattera.

I find this whole process very overwhelming. It's so hard to know what is the effect of medication and what is just a bad (or good) day.

A question for anyone out there who uses the vitamin supplement Super Nu-Thera. It's time to buy a new bottle. We've been getting the original flavor ("tropical fruit" - which tastes nothing like it) and have been mixing it in his apple juice. He's been putting up with it, but clearly doesn't enjoy it. Are any of the other flavors any better? And specifically, do any of them mix any better with fruit juice? Comments, please!


Kyra said...

gee, i wish i could remember what flaor we got--OH! i just did! it was the lemon/lime or something and it was AWFUL. fluffy hated it. but i don't know if he would hate ALL the flavors? i know i would. i guess i wasn't very helpful. we had to drop the whole thing because they didn't work for my guy.

and good luck with the tweaking. it IS hard, isn't it? teasing out what is a bad day versus what is something else... i relate to the constant sounds. fluffy is SO that way!!!

OnlineMom said...

Instead of the SNT, have you ever thought about trying/using Kirkman's Chewable Multi-Vitamin Wafers? We've been using them - 2/day - with my 6-year old son (PDD-NOS) for a year. They don't have the B6 or Mag content the SNT does but maybe you could supplement that some other way? Good luck with things - messing with meds/supplements is the worst!