Friday, August 12, 2005

Only if you promise to give it back

Bud approached me tonight looking not at all frightened.

"I'm scared, Mama," he said. "Can I use your hug?"

"Well, of course you can use my hug, honey," I said, scooping him into my lap.

He snuggled right in and said, "I'm great for you, Mama."

"Yeah," I answered. "You are great for me, Bud."


Kristina Chew said...

What a way with words Bud has! This post and "The best joke ever inspired "The joke's on Charlie" (#52). best, kc

gretchen said...

These kids are poets. They struggle to express themselves, but do it so beautifully.

Henry's way of mixing up pronouns makes him say things like "you miss me", "you want to snuggle", and "you're having a good day."

He also says "you're feeling tired" or "you're feeling sick" when he wants some comfort, but isn't really tired or sick- maybe Bud gets "scared" the same way.