Tuesday, July 12, 2005

You have one new message

Bud hates the telephone. He doesn't like the disembodied voice of someone he loves blaring out of the receiver. When one of us is out of town, no matter how much he misses us and pines for us to come home, he'll only shout "Hi Daddy!" or "Hi Mama!" into the phone and quickly dart away. Or he'll just shout to the phone from across the room.

Bud spent this morning at my office with me, and was home with his Nana in the afternoon. I spent the afternoon in a flurry of meetings and got back to my office to find that I had voice mail waiting for me. Imagine my surprise when I heard this:

Muffled Nana's voice: Okay, say "Mom, please bring home my book."

Bud's voice (clear as day): Mom, please my, please bring home for my book. Please?

Nana: Teletubbies book?

Bud: Tebetub - Teletubbies book.

Nana: That's good. Say "thank you, Mom."

Bud: Thank you, Mom.

All it took was the right motivation.

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kristina said...

Charlie's been asking lots to speak on the phone--"Gong Gong Po Po phone" to talk to my parents--all he manages is "hi! hi! hi! hi!" before he runs away; he's so excited. I read just a snippet of George and Sam in Nick Hornby's Polysyllabis Spree---loved the laugh-a-minute hilarity.
We well remember Oscar and Felix----and then there was Charlie deciding "Teletubbies say good bye" and jumping down the hole to their house could be re-enacted with green, yellow, red and purple legos in the toilet, to a couple hundreds $ of plumber fees.
Cheers! kc