Sunday, July 24, 2005

Reading in unwriterly times

In previous posts, I've kept a running list and commentary on the books I've purchased and the books I've read. I've decided to stop doing that because of an essay I read recently. It was written by Glen David Gold, author of Carter Beats the Devil, and was published in Bookmark Now: Writing in Unreaderly Times, which is a compilation of essays by mostly twenty- and thirty-something writers about the writing process and the writerly life.

In Gold's essay, titled Your Own Personal Satan, he comes clean in a Writers Anonymous sort of way about an addiction he's working hard to beat: googling himself. At the time of publication, Gold had identified 6,950 pages that mentioned him and he had set out to view them all. The tongue-in-cheek essay, in which Gold takes us through the anticipation and let-down he experiences in his quest, is very funny. But it's also eye-opening. It had honestly never occurred to me that an author might google his way into my blog and be insulted by what he read. (And, coincidentally, the point was reinforced because I had, in fact, written previously about Glen David Gold, and while I believe I was very complimentary I don't know that Gold would see it the same way. Hi Glen, if you're reading.)

So, anyway, I'm not going to keep an ongoing list of books I buy but never get around to reading (she read Harry Potter before she read my book?) or books I've read but didn't like (but that's an absurd interpretation of what I was trying to say!) I'll stick to the highlights in the hopes that, should a writer pop in for a visit, my words will only serve as a little ego boost.

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Anonymous said...

i like the book reviews!!! A writer opens himself up for public scrutiny and surely you have been kinder than the tough literary critics!!