Thursday, July 14, 2005


Can you tell a lot about a person from the contents of her iPod? I'm not sure. It's not the same as looking at someone's cd collection. When you buy a cd you are making some level of commitment (albeit a $15.99 one) to an artist. Or at the very least you are making a statement that says "I am willing to take a $15.99 risk on you." Not so with the iPod, where the greatest risk you run is spending 99 cents on a song that doesn't have staying power. (That may not be the greatest risk, actually. Once you start downloading it can trigger repressed memories from the glory days of Napster, sending you on a long and very expensive bender. But I digress.)

The iPod also makes being fickle very easy. I find that from day to day the songs I'm zapping through and the songs I'm listening to are radically different. Maybe you could tell a lot about a person if you charted her iPod habits over a period of time. Regardless, here are some of the high-rotation songs on my iPod this week. Well, today anyway. What do you suppose they say about me?

Brimful of Asha - Cornershop
Kill the Messenger - John Wesley Harding
Hey Ya - Outkast
Hackensack - Fountains of Wayne
Dot - All
There She Goes - The La's
Jacksons, Monk and Rowe - Elvis Costello
Get Out of My Life - Chris Mars
Bears - Lyle Lovett
Town Called Malice - The Jam
September - Earth, Wind and Fire
Just Play Music! - Big Audio Dynamite
Beautiful Day - U2
Sleepy Maggie - Ashley MacIsaac
Train in Vain - The Clash
See a Little Light - Bob Mould
Wonderwall - Oasis

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trane60 said...

Seems like pretty classic MOM NOS if you ask me. But I've got the inside track.