Monday, July 04, 2005

The literal agenda

As Bud becomes more verbal and develops a more conversational command of language, I am growing increasingly aware of just how literal-minded he is. For those who don't know him well, this literal-mindedness manifests in a way that seems remarkably wise-assish. This week, I had Bud at the office with me and a colleague approached him and said, "Bud, I like your shoes."

He replied, "That's not shoes; that's sandals."

Undaunted, she persisted. "So, Bud, are you still in school or is school over for the summer?"

He looked at her blankly and blinked.

A little more insistent now, she repeated, "Are you still in school, Bud?"

He looked around, bewildered, and replied, "No, I'm not in school. I'm in Mom's office." Silly woman!

My favorite literal-moment laugh is from earlier in the week, when I stopped at the natural products store in town to buy some hair dye to cover over the grey roots that have begun peeking out. For obvious reasons (mainly that he'd want to "help"), I never color my hair when Bud is around. So when he asked what I was buying I told him it was something to "do my hair."

I could see him puzzling over what it was that I was going to do to my hair, then he asked "To dry your hair?"

"No, to color my hair."

"No!" he shrieked. "Don't color your hair! Keep it brown!"

I quickly agreed and the crisis was over... but what color do you suppose he was picturing?

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Amanda said...

one of my autistic students HATED when i would wear my hair different. it made for a VERY boring year as far as hairstyles go... :)