Monday, July 18, 2005

A Bud's-eye view

One of Bud's favorite activities these days is photography, and I am starting a photo album of the world as seen by Bud. Here are a few of my current faves.

I call this one "Facing My Fears." Bud has recently developed a mild phobia of this staircase. He used to dart up and down it, but in recent weeks he's been sitting and scooting down step by step. Perhaps this shot depicts his psychological dominance over the stairs. Or maybe he just thought it looked cool.

Many of Bud's "compositions" feature his videos. We have full montages of the same videos - close up, in shadow, set up in careful collages. I like the artistic angle featured in this shot.

This shot features the newest members of our family, Bud's pet fish Dorothy and Stevie. It also features a nice close-up of some fish waste, or as Bud announces when it's time to change the water, "There's poop EVERYWHERE!"


JL said...

Or maybe he wanted to take a photo of his shoes on the staircase...Beautiful photography from beautiful little Bud.

Kristina Chew said...

Charlie loves that same view from the top of the stairs. It happens that we have a computer at the bottom and sometimes he puts in a DVD, gets his blue blanket, an apple, and watches from on high---sort of a personal movie theater!