Monday, June 27, 2005

Cranio-Sacral Update

I posted several months ago that Bud was starting Cranio-Sacral Therapy and promised an update, so here it is. He's been having sessions just about once a week, usually for a half hour. The therapist we see is very respectful of Bud, so if he says "I'm all done now" after 20 minutes, then she stops. If he's really into it, she'll go as long as 45 minutes.

It's hard to know exactly what effect it's having because 1) there is nothing to measure, and 2) CST is only one of the things we are doing with Bud, so we can't isolate the effects of it as compared to anything else. That being said, my gut instinct is that it's a good thing. First, Bud enjoys it and looks forward to it. He settles into it quickly, and gets very relaxed during every session. His therapist says that she notices his system responding much more quickly than it did when we first started, and says that he leans into the therapy right away.

One thing that I have noticed, which we think is related to the therapy: I don't notice Bud grinding his teeth nearly as much as he did when we first started. He used to grind them so loudly it woke me up; these days I don't hear it at all.


Kyra said...

i'm so glad that Bud is liking these sessions! we tried it with Fluffy but he couldn't settle in and didn't want to be touched by the therapist who was very gentle and respectful and patient. she gave me some pointers so i could approximate it a bit at home.

TK said...

I am really interested in this although the Wikipedia review doesn't really sell it! All these years later do you still do it?