Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ritalin: day two

An unusual day, with unusual results. Bud's class took a field trip to a dairy farm. Field trips are often stressful, because they break with routine and Bud looooooves his routine. And while he loves the idea of animals, he's not as fond of them up-close-and-personal. See my recent dog post for more on that. This farm had lots of (loud) cows, (loud) geese, and (loud) dogs. Bud was reluctant at times and put his hands over his ears, but he did everything the other kids did. Well, almost everything... he drew the line at holding a goose egg. He went into the barn. He walked right up to the fence. And the moment everyone told me about: he went into a small enclosed space (atypical) that was crowded with children and adults (atypical), went right up to a big metal milk tank (atypical), watched while the stranger in charge turned on the motor to get the agitator going (atypical), then got lifted up to peer over the side at the milk in the tank getting mixed (atypical.) His teacher got a picture. She said it was the only picture she took on the trip.

His day at home was fairly normal. He had a couple of minor pee accidents, but caught them before they got major.

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