Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ritalin: day one

Interesting results on our first day of the Ritalin trial! I gave it to Bud about a half hour before school, but didn't tell the teacher or special ed team that I did, so I would get completely unbiased feedback. Since it is only supposed to last 3-4 hours, I expected that any effects would happen in the 3 hours he was at school.

From the staff report, however, it sounds like Bud had a fairly ordinary morning at school. They said he seemed a little "spacey" on the playground at the start of the day, but once they went inside he settled in.

BUT after school - after the medication had "worn off" - he spent the day with his grandmother, and was a total chatterbox! He accompanied her to a doctor's appointment and sat nicely while they did an ultrasound on her leg (long story), commenting all the while. Then he told the technician that he had a sore arm, so she offered to use the machine on him. He hopped up onto the exam table, let her put goo on his arm and give him an "ultrasound." This is very, very atypical behavior! (See my dentist post for comparison.)

Bud has recently been having MAJOR regression with potty training, and has been having 5-6 accidents a day for the past week or two. Today he was completely dry all day.

He's also been going through a belligerent phase, particularly with his grandmother; everything has been a battle. Today he was as easy going as could be.

By the time I got home (6:00 p.m.) he was still going strong. He told me all about his day and talked talked talked about everything he could think of. I started having visions of sitting up at 3:00 a.m. listening to him and trying to get him to go to sleep. But bedtime tonight was like it is every night; it took a while and a lot of him talking to himself as he wound down, but he fell asleep at the regular time.

Obviously, one day is too soon to tell, but I'm cautiously optimistic.


Gwuinifer said...

wow wow zowie.

chronicle everything. you'll kick yourself later if you don't.


with bated breath and such,

kcubed said...

I just found your blog searching the web after just having had our son diagnosed with PPD-NOS. What is your son's diagnosis?

MOM-NOS said...

Bud's diagnosis is also PDD-NOS.

Moi ;) said...

I'm curious - why did the dr. decide on Ritalin instead of something else like Strattera, which is known to work well for kids who are on the spectrum?

MOM-NOS said...

None of the clinical trials with Strattera have been done with kids as young as Bud. Ritalin has a more proven track record with the under-6 set.