Sunday, May 15, 2005

The jury stays out

Day five and I have to admit that overall I'm not seeing much of a difference. He has been slightly better about staying dry, with fewer accidents overall. But honestly, we've seen weeks like this before. He is as distracted, restless, and echolalic as always. (And, to be fair, as charming, funny, and talented as always as well.)

His doctor told me to give it a week, then give her a report. So, two more days and then we revisit the plan.

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Moi ;) said...

If it doesn't work, try the Strattera. Doesn't matter that the trials weren't done on really young kids. It seems to fit whatever it is that causes autism better than the ADD drugs do.

The way to take it, though, is to start small, 7 mg for a week, then 14mg for a week, then 20 or 25 (I forget which it is), and then 40 and 60 as he gets bigger. Bug does 40 and he is pretty tall for his age; I know other kids who can't do 40 and they are fairly big (and tall).