Thursday, April 14, 2005

Clear as Mud

In today's mail I got the notes from Bud's latest visit with the developmental pediatrician (who I like very much) at the Big Name Hospital we use (which I like very much). There was a lot of insight and some good, accurate assessment of Bud, but when I got to the "Updated Diagnosis" section it all seemed to fall apart. Here's a sample:

"The diagnosis which I feel best explains Bud's developmental and behavioral features is that of a language-based developmental disorder most consistent still, at this time, with pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified...I clearly do not feel that he has autism and would argue against a descriptor of mild autism for Bud at this time. As I explained to the family earlier, I feel, based on the language difficulties, that Bud either has a primary language disorder, such as oromotor speech dyspraxia with secondary social language difficulties, or the underlying pervasive developmental disorder overlying pervasive developmental disorder, which includes as a subtype for clinical purposes pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified...The major problem, I feel, is in how he is using language reciprocally and how sensory stimuli tend to confound and interfere with his proper use of language. I wonder if, in fact, he does have a more significant language disorder than he does a social language disorder."

But I guess it sounds a lot better than saying "Beats me."

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Suzanne said...

Keep the faith. I can feel your pain with the developing opinions- but underneath it all, remember that you know best...